Asylum and integration policies


Building BRIDGES: Cro-Afro Party

As part of BRIDGES project, Centre for Peace Studies in collaboration with association Afro Badinya organised a second integration event on Friday, 22nd of November. The event titled Cro-Afro Party was held in Buena Vista club in Zagreb. Afro Badinya, meaning African family, is an association consisting of both migrants and locals. The association is promoting African cultural heritage through creative musical and artistic projects. The association stresses its goals are intercultural exchange, promotion of equality for all and prevention of racial discrimination. 


Building BRIDGES: Football connecting people

On 19th of October Centre for Peace Studies together with Football Club Zagreb 041 held their first event in Zagreb, Croatia, as part of the project Bridges! The event organised was a mixed-team football tournament, meaning the teams consisted of both men, women and children, and it was organised in the neighbourhood Dugave. The main goal of the tournament was spending and active day in the sunshine, playing sports, having fun and hanging out all together! 


International conference »Diaspora engagement in the EU«

»Diaspora engagement in the EU« was the international conference organized within the AMIF project We all need new engagement (WANNE) in the European Parliament in Brussels on 4 November. The questions we have addressed are among others: what are the major challenges facing the diaspora engagement within their communities in the EU; how are NGOs and diaspora organizations addressing these challenges; what are the potential areas of engagement with diaspora within the EU; what are the missing links in harnessing the benefits of diaspora engagement within the EU; how can the EU support the member states, NGOs and diaspora organizations?


Croatia’s Schengen membership should be halted until human rights are respected

Today, Croatia received the green light from the European Commission to enter the border-free Schengen Area. While we agree that expanding the Schengen space can be a positive and much-needed move towards improvement of free movement inside the European Union, Croatia’s Schengen membership should be made conditional on the immediate end to the Croatian Government’s illegal and violent push-back of migrants. 


CPS demmands MUP's official statement regarding President's quotes on pushbacks

Ombudswoman Lora Vidović yesterday published an anonymous complaint by border police officers about systematic unlawful actions by the Croatian police. While numerous Croatian and international organisations, institutions and media have been warning about these practises for several years, this is the first public confirmation of such conduct coming from police officials on the ground. 


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH AND CENTER FOR PEACE STUDIES: Violation of human rights is a line we cannot cross!

Migration, although one of the key topics for the European Union, was not adequately represented in the pre-election campaign in Croatia. That is why the Center for Peace Studies, ahead of the EU Parliament elections, decided to organize the panel discussion Europe and Migration: Where do we draw the line?. Centre for Peace Studies invited representatives of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, who today, on May 20th in Zagreb, presented their insights on the relations of the EU member states towards migration. 


PUBLIC PANEL: Europe and Migration: Where do we draw the (border) line?

Centre for Peace Studies invites you to join us on Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 10:00am at HUB365, Petračićeva 6, in Zagreb, for the public panel: „Europe and Migration: Where do we draw the (border) line?“ where local and international experts will present and discuss the current migration situation, as well as the expectations that decision-makers at the local and European Union levels bring to an end the current human rights abuses, prevent the occurence of future abuses, and respect the rule of law. 

Candidates for the upcoming European parliamentary elections have been invited to the panel.


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