More about our programmes


Combating Inequalities program


Combating Inequalities program places emphasis on monitoring and advocacy in human rights protection and promotion area as well as in the economic and social rights area, with the aim of creating policies that allow equal treatment, fair distribution of social goods, affirmative action for economically vulnerable groups and protection of workers' rights.




Peace Education and Nonviolence affirmation program

Peace Education and Nonviolence affirmation program is aimed at empowering individuals and groups towards local community (and wider) peace-building through encouraging dialogue and promoting non-violence with a basic principle of social change through education. Long-term, strategic program goals include:  advocating for democratization of the educational system and quality education policies; raising civic competence; empowering citizens for activism and preventing violence through raising awareness on nonviolence and afirming nonviolent practices and experiences. 


Asylum, Integration and Human Security Program

Asylum, Integration and Human Security program - Many domestic and foreign reports show that ethnic, racial and religious discrimination remains a major problem in Croatia. Through the research, projects and activities of this program, we aim to shed light on the dangers of prejudice towards religious, ethnic and racial minorities, and actively work towards removing them from Croatian society. Through research, education, cooperation with state and academic instutions, the media and civil society, this program seeks to capacitate individuals and institutions to recognize and combat discrimination and prejudice, advocating and actively working to develop policies and programs that respect the human rights of vulnerable groups.



Peace Studies program

Peace Studies is an interdisciplinary area of education relying on a number of social sciences and humanities, as well as the experience of lecturers and participants.  It seeks to understand the cause of conflict, develop approaches to prevent and stop violence, war and serious human rights violations and build sustainable peace – fair systems and societies strong enough to resist violence, inequality and injustice.

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