EVIDENCE ON SYSTEMATIC TORTURE OF REFUGEES AT OUR BORDERS NOW IN HIGH RESOLUTION: How clear must the picture be in order for crimes to be sanctioned?

Violent and illegal expulsion of refugees from Croatia to Bosnia and Herzegovina was recorded in high resolution for the first time and featured in the media across Europe. Forensic analysis of the footage showed that it is Croatian police officers who performed violent and illegal expulsion of refugees, which included beating and pushing into the river. Their uniforms correspond to the uniforms and equipment of the special police unit, which is according to certain indications linked to the so-called ‘Operation Corridor’, already mentioned by the police officers themselves. 


BEST is moving on!

Find out the news about effective integration of third-country nationals in Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Croatia conducted on the BEST project by FH-Johanneum, Gain & Sustain, OIKOS, Friuli Innovazione, ZRC SAZU, Impact Hub Zagreb and Centre for Peace Studies.


[ON THE HUMAN RIGHTS DAY NEW CRIMINAL COMPLAINTS] CPS Requests an investigation into the connection between the Ministry of Interior and men in black uniforms with balaclavas.

The Centre for Peace Studies marks International Human Rights Day with new criminal charges, for one of today's biggest human rights violations. The Centre for Peace Studies today filed two criminal complaints to the public prosecutors, for two separate cases, against unknown police perpetrators due to a reasonable doubt that they kept in detention 13 victims in total, two of whom were children, and then handed them over to ten armed men dressed in black uniforms, with balaclavas on their heads. 

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