FAIR. Promoting a culture of rights in Europe

The project EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: Awareness Raising and Instrument to Promote a Culture of Rights (FAIR) aims to carry out a series of two-year activities to map gaps and obstacles limiting the implementation of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights at the national level, promoting the creation of a culture of rights within the participating countries.


Online hate: we need to improve content moderation to effectively tackle hate speech

Abusive comments, harassment and incitement to violence easily slip through online platforms’ content moderation tools, finds a new report from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). It shows that most online hate targets women, but people of African descent, Roma and Jews are also affected. A lack of access to platforms’ data and understanding of what constitutes hate speech hampers efforts to tackle online hate. FRA calls for more transparency and guidance to ensure a safer online space for all.


Strength for change

Through the Strength for Change project, the Centre for Peace Studies initiated, continued or intensified cooperation with organizations and initiatives representing racialized, migrant or minority communities, to create a database for recording incidents of racism and discrimination affecting these communities.


Open letter to EU institutions and EU Member States: Stop Israel’s war crimes and prioritise the Palestinian people’s fight against genocide and apartheid

Centre for Peace Studies joined a collective of civil society organisations committed to the principles of peace, democracy, decolonisation, and anti-imperialism in signing an open letter to EU political leaders, calling for immediate and ethical action by the EU to prioritise the Palestinian people’s fight against genocide and to cooperate with Palestinians and international partners, including those from the Global South, to prepare the ground for lasting peace and human security for Palestinians and Israelis alike, in full recognition of long-standing Palestinian 

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