Combating discrimination


Seventh evaluation of the Code of Conduct

The seventh evaluation on the Code of Conduct on Countering Illegal Hate Speech Online shows that the number of notifications reviewed within 24 hours (64.4%) has decreased as compared to 2021 (81%) and 2020 (90.4%). Only TikTok has increased its performance (from 82.5% to 91.7%). The average removal rate (63.6%) is similar to 2021 (62.5%), but still lower than in 2020 (71%). Looking at the individual performance of the platforms, most of them (except for YouTube) have removed less hate speech content than in 2021. The quality of feedback to users’ notifications has improved as compared to previous monitoring exercises. 


Manual Mediators in Roma Communities

The publication is intended for people who are working on overcoming institutional, social, and cultural obstacles – either through their position in the Roma community or their institutional position – to achieve social equality for the Roma. 

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