Asylum and integration policies


Experts from 11 countries discussed nationalism and xenophobia in Budapest in the context of refugee "crisis"

Sixty experts, scholars, students and professionals from 11 countries mostly from Central and Eastern Europe gathered in Budapest on 3 and 4 November to address effects of the "refugee crisis" on the radical and mainstream politics, recent trends of public attitudes to refugees in the region and civil and grassroots responses to the rise of radical nationalism in Central European countries. 


European Border and Coast Guard Authority: Another brick in Fortress Europe

In December 2015, in the middle of the so-called “refugee crisis“, the European Commission has proposed to set up a European Border and Coast Guard Authority (EBCGA) as one of the key measure “to protect Europe's external Borders“. The aim declared by the Commission was a better management of migration, and the need “to offer a high level of security within the Union, while safeguarding the free movement of persons therein“.


Initiative Welcome asks pope to encourage Croatian politicians to peaceful treatment of migrants

The Croatian civil society group "Dobrodosli" (Welcome) has sent a letter to Pope Francis ahead of his meeting with Croatian Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic on Thursday, thanking the pontiff for making the public more sensitive to the suffering of people fleeing war and violence and asking him to encourage Croatian political leaders to treat refugees peacefully.


Intagration in Croatia in practice

Centre for Peace Studies with the support of initiative Welcome! prepared a leaflet with answers to frequently asked questions at the refugee camp in Slavonski Brod for refugees that are situated there. In this leaflet refugees can find information about the opportunities, rights and restrictions of the asylum system in Croatia.


Authorities systematically violate refugees' rights with forcible detention

Initiative Welcome and Are You Syrious on Wednesday presented a report in which they conclude, based on observations and interviews, that Croatian authorities have been forcibly detaining refugees in closed-off sections of the refugee transit centre at Slavonski Brod, thus systematically violating their human rights, and called for immediately ensuring free movement for those people. 


This is a moral nadir, not a zero-sum game!

Despite the harsh weather, the initiative Welcome and ‘Are You Syrious?’ attracted some 500 people to the “Closing of Borders Kills” protest in St. Mark’s Square in Zagreb against the closing of the so-called Balkan Route, which has left more than 40,000 people trapped at the Greek border.  


Europe cannot build its happiness on the unhappiness of others

With regards to today’s meeting of the Chiefs of Police of Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, who are in Zagreb discussing the humanitarian crisis, the Welcome! Initiative calls for these countries not to reach for measures of returning the refugees back to insecurity, by uplifting the internal border controls and playing ping- pong with human destinies. Countries whose representatives met today have the moral and political responsibility towards refugees knocking on our doors.