Who is who within CPS


The highest governing body of CPS is the Assembly, composed of all the CPS members (around 60). 

The Assembly confirms the Statute of Centre for Peace Studies, the main document of our organization.

Along with the Assembly, CPS has the Executive Board and the Council.

The Executive Board of CPS

The Executive Board consists of active members of CPS, the organizational director, project managers and / or program managers and the Head of Finance. The Organizational Director of Centre for Peace Studies is Ms Cvijeta Senta, and the Program Director is Ms Sara Lalić.

The Executive Board members:

Cvijeta Senta, organizational director

Sara Lalić, program director

Gordana Boric, financial director

Lana Jurman,  Affirmation of nonviolence and conflict transformation program

Sara Kekuš, Asylum, Integration and Human Security


In addition to the Executive Board the following people work in CPS:

Program: Asilum, Integration and Human Security

Lucija Mulalić

Julija Kranjec

Maddalena Avon

Tea Vidović


Program: Conflict Transformation and Affirmation of Non-violence

Lovorka Bačić - GOOD initiative

Jasna Račić - Peace Studies

Iva Zenzerović Šloser,  Mirta

Emina Bužinkić - Mirta, cooperation with GOOD initiative, volunteer

Program: Combating Inequity

Maja Pleić, Combating Inequity



Josip Brković, financial and administrative assistant

Antonio Čelan, office manager 

Lovorka Šošić, PR 



CONTACT: name.surname@cms.hr



Representatives of CMS in public bodies


Cvijeta Senta - member of the working group for the monitoring of hate crimes

Sara Lalic - member of the working group for drafting the national plan to combat discrimination: 2015-2020

Tea Vidovic - member of working group for integration of foreigners in Craotian society



Assembly working group


•         Goran Božičević

•         Andrijana Parić

•         Jasna Račić

•         Drago Župarić-Iljić

•         Radoslav Marjanović






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