Centre for Peace Studies (CMS; CPS) is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation promoting non-violence and social change through education, research and activism. CMS grew out of various forms of direct peace-building in western Slavonia (Volunteers’ Project Pakrac, 1993-1997). It was founded in 1996 in Pakrac and formally registred in Zagreb the following year. 

CMS operates through four compatible programs:Combating Racism, Xenophobia and Ethnic Exclusivism, Peace Education and Nonviolence Affirmation, Human Security and Socio-economic Justice.

CMS believes that through building a network of educated citizens who have peace-building skills and apply the values of peace building in everyday life, we contribute to the making of an active and influential civil society. Through encouraging active and/or interested citizens we want to be a driving force in promoting a lasting and positive peace in the region. Through public events and actions we want to influence the public, the media and government structures to encourage them to engage in the processes of dealing with the past and the articulation of peace-building policies.

The goals of CMS are:

- Developing a culture of dialogue and a culture of life based on non-violence

- Stimulating creative exchange of theoretical and practical approaches to peace education, conflict transformation and the construction of social justice through study programmes, trainings/workshops and public presentations

- Research topics related to peace-building, education for peace and in particular the conflict experiences of Croatia and the wider post-Yugoslav region

- Developing policy recommendations 

- Supporting the networks and the exchange of experiences on peace building in Croatia and the region affected by the war in 1991

- Providing information, support and partnership to all local initiatives whose activities touch on peace building

- Affirmation of activism in local communities

- Continuous self-education of members and participants to improve our own understanding of peace work

- Initiating new models of education and self-education

- Involvement in international networks of  Peace Studies organizations/ centres/ schools


CMS is a member of the following networks, initiatives and coalitions:


Human Rights House

Platform 112

GOOD Initiative

Advocacy network

Anti-discrimination network of civil society organizations

Croatian Youth Network

Informal networks for development assistance

Coordinating integration

Coordination for asylum

Coalition for RECOM


The Anna Lindh Foundation

Mediterranean Migration Network

Svi mi - za Hrvatsku svih nas

Citizens Vote Against (Građani glasaju protiv)

Croatia can do it better (Hrvatska može bolje)

Antifascists league

Southeast European Network for Whistle-blower Protection

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