Centre for Peace Studies - CPS


Centre for Peace Studies (Croatian abbreviation: CMS; English abbreviation: CPS) is a civil society organisation that protects human rights and pursues social change based on the values of democracy, anti-fascism, nonviolence, peacebuilding, solidarity and equality using activism, education, research, advocacy and direct support. We work with communities, initiatives, organisations, media, institutions and individuals in Croatia and internationally.

CPS's vision is an open and non-violent society based on solidarity, whose institutions enable peace, social security, political and economic equality and freedom for all people. Taking into account the balance between their existence and the environment, members of society actively participate in decision-making, management of public goods and development of their communities.

CPS grew out of various forms of direct peace-building in western Slavonia (Volunteers’ Project Pakrac, 1993-1997). It was founded in 1996 in Pakrac and was formally registered in Zagreb the following year. CPS operates through four compatible programs: Educating and Empowering for Social Change, Protecting and Promoting the Right to Asylum and Migration, Supporting Inclusive Society, and Affirmation of Economic and Social Rights.  In our work in all programs, we combine several approaches - research, education, public actions, and work on public policies, advocacy and public campaigns.

CPS currently has 15 full-time employees. 


Five strategic guidelines cover the key principles of the work of the Centre for Peace Studies:

1.    Educating and empowering for social change
2.    Protecting and promoting the right to asylum and migration
3.    Supporting inclusive society
4.    Affirmation of economic and social rights
5.    Strengthening the status of civil society organisations 


CPS is a member of the following networks, initiatives and coalitions:

  • Human Rights House Zagreb
  • Platform 112 
  • GOOD Initiative
  • Croatian Youth Network 
  • CROSOL – Croatian Platform for International Citizen Solidarity
  • Coordination for Integration
  • Coordination for Asylum
  • Anna Lindh Foundation
  • ECRE - European Council on Refugees and Exiles
  • ENAR - European Network Against Racism
  • Antifascist League
  • Welcome! Initiative
  • Liberties
  • FC Zagreb 041
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