Human rights defender fled from Russia - deprived of liberty in Croatia

The Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), in collaboration with a lawyer, has today submitted an appeal to the Municipal Misdemeanor Court in Zagreb against the verdict that resulted in the long-time activist against Putin and human rights defender Vladislav Arinichev spending 15 days in detention. Arinichev protested in Zagreb against the life-threatening actions of the Security and Intelligence Agency. After being released from prison, Arinichev was again deprived of liberty as Croatia denied his asylum request, and he has been on a hunger strike for five days in the reception centre for foreigners in Trilj.


Jews in Europe still face high levels of antisemitism

Antisemitism persists in the EU, affecting Jews both online and offline. Concerns over safety and frequent experiences of harassment force many to conceal their Jewish identity. These alarming insights come from the latest survey by the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). The EU and some of its Member States have put in place measures and action plans to tackle antisemitism. EU countries need to build on these efforts to ensure Jews can live their lives with dignity, free from hate and fear. This is especially important given the impact that the ongoing conflict in the Middle East has had on Jewish communities in Europe.


Lives in Motion

Project Description: "Lives in Motion" is a non-formal educational project implemented by civil society organizations from Italy, Romania, Portugal, and Croatia (Maghweb, ANP | WFF, Polylogos, Center for Peace Studies). The project is funded by EACEA under the CERV-EU-REM program. Through the project partners will collaboratively develop, test, and disseminate an interdisciplinary, non-formal educational toolkit that provides high school teachers and students (aged 15-18) with a multi-faced, historical, and critical understanding of migrations into, out of, and within Europe.


Notice regarding working hours

Dear colleagues, the office of the Centre for Peace Studies will be closed on June 28, 2024. In case of an emergency, please send an email to!


Lack of resources undermine EU data protection enforcement

The new report from the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) finds that most data protection authorities face challenges when implementing the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), including a large number of complaints, a lack of human and financial resources, and a growing workload. FRA calls on EU countries to ensure that data protection authorities have the resources they need to protect people’s personal data.

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