NGO's: What happened in Knin?!

Center for Civil Courage, Centre for Peace Studies, GONG, Protagora and Initiative "Svi Mi" hope that the Ministry will undertake necessary actions to protect teachers and students as well as separation between Church and state enshrined in Croatian Constitution.


"Gaza is the largest prison in the world with more than 1.8 million people"

The Centre for Peace Studies and Pal-Think for Strategic Studies from Gaza Strip in collaboration with the Subversive Festival and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs organized discussion "Gaza Strip – Obstacles and Chances for the Future" with the representatives of civil society from the Gaza Strip to shed light on the situation and to enable better understanding of the context and opportunities for cooperation with local actors. 


New civil initiative to call a referendum on referendums

"A referendum with fewer signatures and more petition sites" - this is the message of a new civil initiative by 15 unions and seven civil society organisations to launch the collection of signatures for a new referendum so as to ensure that signatures continue to be collected in public places and that the number of signatures required to call a referendum be reduced to 200,000.


Unforgettable testimonies at court for women survivors

”I am a heroine!” said one of the younger women who testified. She had survived a long period of sexual violence, rape and torture as a teenager in one of the rape camps, a more or less forceful and violent marriage, divorce and a new beginning. ”They took most of my childhood. They took my youth. But the present, and the future are mine.”