Peace Education and Nonviolence affirmation program


Peace Education and Nonviolence affirmation program is aimed at empowering individuals and groups towards local community (and wider) peace-building through encouraging dialogue and promoting non-violence with a basic principle of social change through education. Long-term, strategic program goals include:  advocating for democratization of the educational system and quality education policies; raising civic competence; empowering citizens for activism and preventing violence through raising awareness on nonviolence and afirming nonviolent practices and experiences. 

Key activities are creating and implementing education programs for teachers, citizens, civil society organizations members; monitoring of relevant aspects of the education system, research and preparation of policy papers used for advocacy; monitoring of education system reform; cooperation and support to schools and teachers.

In the program Peace Education and Nonviolence Affirmation, we are mostly focused on the education system and its workers, but also on the citizens that would like to get involved in activism (especially through our Peace Studies, and mobilization activities in cooperation with GOOD Initiative members). Those are the groups on which we use targeted promotion, through emails, and channels and media that are used by those specific groups, but we also communicate through media, which are informed on our activities- especially local media on the education activities we provide on local levels.


Program activities vary from peace and professional education, through public awareness campaigns to research and advocacy, and are developed in collaboration with numerous national and international actors in the field of education policy, academic research, social activism and community work. We also target expert public through conferences, round tables and position and policy papers that we produce. In our advocacy work we are oriented on national media that can reach broader public and put pressure on decision makers. For that reason we organize public events, and develop press materials (press releases, briefs).

This program is based on thePeace Studies program, a non formal educational program which offers a unique space for analyzing, understanding and critically assessing violence and social conflicts; advocating for the quality introduction of civic and peace education in the Croatian educational system with professional development programs for teachers and professional associates; empowering students;  training and dialogue formats aimed at strengthening the potential for nonviolent conflict transformation in local communities. A specific work strain aims at strengthening the system for integration of children with minority and migrant background through education and community work

Knowledge and experience gained in the program has fostered the development of an adult learning Institution Mirta in cooperation with Croatian Youth Network, Volunteer centre Osijek and the Association for Civil Society Development Smart. Its' mission is to continuously conduct LLL non-formal and formal programs for peace and democracy.  

Centre for Peace Studies is actively engaged in civic education through advocacy, teacher and school associates professional development programs and supporting schools in introducing and implementing the civic education curriculum. Work on civic education is on an international level linked with advocating for Global Education, especially in the European context. CPS has from 2014 been the national coordinator for Global Education cooperating with various European networks.

Within the Peace Education and Nonviolence Affirmation program we actively participate in two European networks - the Global Education Week network facilitated by the North-South Centre of the Coe and CONCORD Hub 4 on topics of Global Citizenship Education. On a national level we are still one of the coordinators of the GOOD Initiative (initiative for systematic and quality introduction of civic education in schools). Stronger partnerships have in this area been developed with some LAs, cities and counties dedicated to introducing Civic Education in their schools which have actively seeked and gained CPS support mainly in teacher training and mentoring. 

Program members: Lovorka Bačić, Lana Jurman, Iva Zenzerović Šloser


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