Reinforcing Social Solidarity, Human Security and Developmental Cooperation


The Centre for Peace studies, promotes, and develops public policies linked to the concept of human security. Human security arises from the needs of every individual and is tied to the recognition of the needs of all people living in a single country. We maintain that the development of policies from the viewpoint of national security has so far brought on human rights violations and promotion of violence, as the ‘interests of the state’ are held in higher regard than human lives. Within this program, our focus is on public policies concerning the workings of police forces, intelligence agencies, and the army. We aim to oversee those institutions concerning human rights violations and the transparency of their work. Through our monitoring and advocacy, we aim to transform those institutions to become transparent and provide a service to the citizens without violating human rights or promoting violence. In a wider context, we believe in a utopian vision in which our work on social changes will lead to a society where such institutions will not be needed, or at least where non-violence will be a major value.

International Developmental Cooperation is a subprogram of international solidarity of CPS. Aware of the fact that we ourselves emerged from post-war events in Croatia, we aim to share all our knowledge, skills and experiences gathered through more than 15 years of the existence of our organization with those who believe in non-violence and find themselves in need of it. We still learn from numerous other conflicts taking place all over the world, and we see developmental cooperation as mutual support in which everyone gains something. CPS actively advocates for Croatian and EU public policy concerning developmental cooperation to ensure that they are of maximum benefit for those they are aimed at, and to prevent those policies from doing more harm than good in particular communities. At the same time, we share our experiences with work on asylum, public policies and advocacy with colleagues from the area of former Yugoslavia through various activities.

The Social Solidarity subprogram is aimed at monitoring and public advocacy in the area of social and economic rights of citizens, with the goal of creating policies which enable a fair distribution of common goods; affirmative actions for economically vulnerable groups, workers’ rights protection; protection of public goods and transformation of the current global economic system into a more just system with a focus on the wellbeing of the people and the planet, and not on profit as the exclusive goal of economic activities.


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