Fight against Xenophobia, Racism and Ethnic Exclusion


Many domestic and foreign reports (such as that published by CPS in 2013) demonstrate that ethnic, racial and religious discrimination remain a major issue in Croatia. Through the activities and projects which are part of this program we are aiming to present the dangers of prejudices towards religious, ethnic and racial minorities and to remove them.  This will be done through education at all levels of the education system, cooperation with state and academic institutions, and cooperation with the media which should show due care and responsibility toward this subject and should be aware of the role they have in creating public opinion which can sometimes negatively impact the human rights of vulnerable groups.

There is room for optimism, however – the results of recently conducted research show that Croatian citizens are declaratively against the discrimination of foreign nationals and, on average, do not hold very xenophobic views. Considering that at least half of the sample declared themselves in favour of accepting a multicultural society and accepting national minorities and immigration, as well as respecting their equality with Croatian citizens in most attitudes that were evaluated, we believe there is potential for a successful fight against discrimination, and that the time is just right for institutions and the society as a whole to seriously commit themselves to resolving the issue of xenophobia in Croatia.

Due to Croatia's entry into EU and the attendant increased immigration, along with economic woes, a high rate of unemployment, and financial insecurities of its citizens, intolerance towards ethnic minorities and foreigner nationals living in our country might flare up. It is because of all that that we believe it is very important to continually work on the affirmation of good practices of multi/intercultural communities, and to be vigilant against bad ones which lead to segregation and mistrust.


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