Combating Inequalities program



Combating Inequalities program places emphasis on monitoring and advocacy in human rights protection and promotion area as well as in the economic and social rights area, with the aim of creating policies that allow equal treatment, fair distribution of social goods, affirmative action for economically vulnerable groups and protection of workers' rights.



Main areas of work of the program Combating Inequalities are focused on thematic areas: bias motivated violence, hate speech (online and offline), phenomena of discrimination and racism. We use different methods and approaches in the work of this thematic unit: research, education, cooperation and advocacy.

In the area of hate crimes prevention, CPS collaborates with OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights as we report the incidents that do not fall under the official statistics on hate crimes given by the Government.

Success experiences in this area include CPS’s presence at the EU level - in formal and non-formal bodies that are in charge of policies design on prevention of various human rights violations (i.e. High level group for combating racism and intolerance and its sub-groups for online hate speech and Anti-Muslim hatred, ENAR - European Network Against Racism, INACH - International Network Against Cyber Hate etc.). We have opened the dialog towards biggest social networks - Google, Facebook and Twitter in context of historical revisionism and banned symbolic (greetings, slogans, graphic symbols) in Croatia that those social networks did not recognize before. 

The prerequisite for these successes is the international presence at the events organized by our partners, collaborators and networks we are members of - that grant us information on policy and legislation developments as well as partnerships on international projects.

Research regarding position and problems of Roma citizens (Roma Inclusion in the Croatian Society: a Baseline Data Study) has given us a great insight in position of this community and policies implemented and, consequently, a good basis for future advocacy together with new cooperations that have grown out of this research activities (individuals, organizations). It is the biggest study conducted in Croatia on Roma population so far and CPS is very proud of the chance to coordinate such a research project.

CPS coordinates the Council for Civil Society Development to the Government of the RoC, an advisory body of the Government of the Republic of Croatia active in the development of cooperation between the Government and civil society organizations in the Republic of Croatia in the implementation of the National Strategy for Creating an Enabling Environment for Civil Society Development, philanthropy, social capital, partnership and cross-sectorial cooperation. President of the Council is Ms Emina Bužinkić, CPS’s former employee and EB member.

I our public work we are oriented on campaigns with actors that work in the same field, and joint public actions in advocating for economic and social rights of citizens, on local, national and international levels. Also, through this program we work on combating hate speech and hate crimes, and we developed a special tool for reporting hate speech.





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