Asylum, Integration and Human Security Program


Asylum, Integration and Human Security program - Many domestic and foreign reports show that ethnic, racial and religious discrimination remains a major problem in Croatia. Through the research, projects and activities of this program, we aim to shed light on the dangers of prejudice towards religious, ethnic and racial minorities, and actively work towards removing them from Croatian society. Through research, education, cooperation with state and academic instutions, the media and civil society, this program seeks to capacitate individuals and institutions to recognize and combat discrimination and prejudice, advocating and actively working to develop policies and programs that respect the human rights of vulnerable groups.


Main areas of work of our program Asylum, Integration and Human Security are: access to the asylum system, protection of refugees’ human rights; illegal conduct of police; criminalisation of solidarity; integration with focus on employment and education; raising awareness and sensitivity of public on all these issues. Regarding main successes we’d like to point out in area of integration the launch of Danube Compass - a web tool of all information regarding integration of refugees and migrants into Croatian society as well as our non-formal education program for asylum seekers called Let’s Talk about Society focusing at introducing them to Croatian political and social system, informing them about their rights and encouraging their active participation in the society. 

Efforts put in strategic litigation resulted in preventing one extradition and opening of 2 lawsuits against Republic of Croatia at European Court of Human Rights. As a consequence of our public exposure of illegal practices towards refugees, our monitoring and continuous critical reports through public work and media, we experienced a lot of pressure, and a ban to enter and work in asylum centers has made our work more difficult, but we did not compromise our autonomy. However, our efforts were fruitful because various important international institutions and organizations (such as UNHCR, UN, HRW and AI), including EU institutions started questioning and condemning of practices of Croatian Authorities.

Program Asylum, Integration and Human Security is a program mostly focused on research and advocacy, and through public events, campaigns, statements and public appearance targets publics such as: decision makers, local communities and national media.


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