online tool for reporting hate speech in public available!

Large_screenshot_2019-07-30-dosta-je-mr_nje-youtube1 hate speech reporting tool was created in collaboration of Centre for Peace Studies, GONG and the Human Rights House Zagreb, in response to the frequent presence of hate speech that has a devastating effect on social cohesion, the values of pluralism, interculturalism and tolerance of others and others.

This tool was created as part of the Against Hate project, funded by the Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). is used to report hate speech in the public domain, on social networks, the Internet and in the media! Submission through this site is very easy - you need to fill in the registration fields and provide as much information as possible about the event you are reporting.

Since different forms of hate speech do not fall under the same legal framework but are covered by different sectoral regulations (media, criminal law, anti-discrimination, etc.), the purpose of is to facilitate access to intervention in unacceptable public speech. It is up to you, as citizens, to warn against hate speech in the public space, and the task of the administrator is to turn your report into a form of application by which the competent authorities can (and must) respond.

Depending on the nature of each individual application, it may be converted into an official submission to one of the following public authorities:

Electronic Media Agency / Electronic Media Council - The Agency and the Council are the authorities responsible for monitoring the content of broadcasts on television or radio and via Internet portals (electronic publications).

Ombudspersons institutions - General Ombudsperson, Ombudsperson for Gender Equality, Ombudsperson for Persons with Disabilities and Ombudsman for Children are bodies dealing with the protection of human rights (in the case of three so-called special ombudsmen, targeted at protecting the human rights of a particular social group), systematically monitoring and providing recommendations to improve the human rights protection in the Republic of Croatia.

Council of Honor of the Croatian Journalists Association - self-regulatory body of the journalistic profession that monitors compliance with principles and norms of the Croatian Journalists' Code of Honor and is an integral part of the Croatian Journalists Associatian (HND).

In cases of speech inciting to violence and hatred and thus subject to criminal prosecution under Art. 325. of the Criminal Code (OG 125/11, 144/12, 56/15, 61/15), responsibility authority is the State Attorney's Office of the Republic of Croatia.

However, the purpose of the site is not only to intervene to eliminate hate speech, but also to raise public awareness of such expression as incompatible with a democratically organized society, open to all people, regardless of which social group they belong to.

Why it is important to eliminate hate speech? Look at the video!


Online reporting tool was developed within the scope of "Against Hate" project financed through Riights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020). Content is the sole responsibility of Centre for Peace Studies and can in no way reflect the views of the European Commission.

Project implementation is supported by Office for NGOs of the Government and the City of Zagreb.

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