Freedom of speech in Croatia costs: Zagreb Pride seeks support and call for solidarity


In a recent decision, the Osijek County Court confirmed the decision of the Zagreb Municipal Court, which found that Zagreb Pride violated personal honor and dignity of Karolina Vidović Krišto, now a former employee of Croatian Radio Television (HRT), by placing her on the annual list of candidates for the most homophobic person of the year in 2013. According to the verdict, Zagreb Pride is obliged to pay 41.018,91 HRK (approximately 5414 EUR or 6028 USD).

"The verdict against Zagreb Pride prevents the work of our association and censors our voice in the fight for the human rights of LGBTIQ persons - citizens of the Republic of Croatia.

The right to freedom of expression is guaranteed to us by the Croatian Constitution. The mission of the Zagreb Pride is calling public attention to homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia, so it is our duty and core activity to respond to any activity directed against LGBTIQ people, against our children and our families, against the LGBTIQ community. The equality of rights and dignity are values ​​that Zagreb Pride advocates since its founding. We want to continue to expressing our point of view publicly - honestly and openly.

However, in order to speak freely in Croatia, we do not have that freedom and we have to pay for that. The amount of penalties that we have to pay is HRK 41,018.91. We currently do not have general funds, so we had to borrow funds for that, with repayment date of August 31, 2015.

Zagreb Pride invites all citizens, all supporters, all those who believe in freedom of speech to support our mission by symbolic donation of 10 kuna (1.5 USD). IBAN: HR1024020061100544000 (Swift: ESBCHR22 / REUTERS: ESZH)

The struggle for LGBTIQ human rights continues!

In solidarity,

Zagreb Pride"

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