UN Human Rights Committee - CPS raises awareness on violation of Article 6


Attached please find an electronic copy of a report for the 113th Session of the Human Rights Committee with regard to Croatia’s appearance before the Committee.  The report is submitted to address Article 6 violations caused by the transfer of small arms where they are likely to be used to violate the right to life.  

New Committee member Duncan Muhumuza Laki focused on the arms transfers which wound up in ISIS hands.  He  put his question in the framework of Croatia's international obligations under the Arms Trade Treaty and Croatia's domestic laws which prohibit weapons to further terrorist activities (his words, but seems a reasonable reading of the statute).  He expressed concern over the Croatian President's statement that the government has no control over arms once they leave Croatian territory and said that this contradicted the government's obligations under the ATT and the Croatian governments own laws.

The Croatian government  sent a 10-person delegation, but no one responded to the questions about the arms to ISIS.

The lack of response from the government prompted the second question by Mr. Mauro Potili (new Committee member  from Italy).  He noted the lack of response about the government's lack of steps taken to regulate small arms and light weapons.  He asked for information from the delegation and said he thought there needed to be greater transparency to the general public.

Report was submitted by OBRIS, Centre for Peace studies, the University of Minnesota Human Rights Program and it was prepared with the help of Human Rights Litigation and International Advocacy Clinic from University of Minnesota, USA.

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