Taste of Home crowdfunding campaign


Taste of Home launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for setting up a catering business. The campaign is supported by Crowdfunding Academy.

We are a group of individuals of all ages and backgrounds brought together by common interest in food and cooking. We come from countries like Syria, Senegal, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Croatia, etc.

We work towards economic emancipation of refugees and persons of a migrant background through culinary and cultural exchange. Our next project is starting a food catering business specialised in African, Arabic and Middle Eastern cuisine. But we need your help. All details are available here.

We need to raise 15.000 Euros ( around 17,100 US Dollars) to buy the basic kitchen apliances and other things needed to start a catering business. Because of that we are turning to our strongest supporters to ask for contributions. In exchange, we're offering a choice of perks which we're sure, you'll like.

Your contribution will help us to rent our own kitchen and buy things like refrigerators, cookers, blenders, pots, pans - basically everything we need to start cooking, 

Please click on our Indiegogo campaign link and support us!



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