[MIGRENT] publication promotion


On Tuesday, October 3, at 18h in Booksa, the [MIGRENT] publication will be promoted. At the promotion, Bashkim Fazliu (Taste of Home) and Prince Wale Soniyiki (Association of Africans in Croatia, African Cuisine) will present the examples of migrant entrepreneurship and migrant social entrepreneurship in Croatia, while Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec (Zagreb School of Economics and Management) and Hermes Arriaga Sierra (Impact Hub Zagreb) will talk about opportunities and challenges for migrant (social) entrepreneurs in Croatia. Sara Kekuš from the Centre for Peace Studies will moderate the conversation. After the conversation and Q&A session, we will continue networking and socializing with the Taste of Home catering. 

The publication was created after the [MIGRENT] conference, held in Zagreb in April, which was the first conference on migrant entrepreneurship and migrant social entrepreneurship in Croatia, and one of the rare conferences on this topic in Europe. The conference focused on migrant (social) entrepreneurship as a tool of socio-economic emancipation of migrants and refugees in the host countries.


The conference was only an introduction to this topic. In order to enhance the knowledge on this topic, as well as experiences of the participants of the conference, TV Student prepared a short movie about the conference, and the participants are to gather in Booksa in order to present a publication on migrant entrepreneurship that will complete this cycle and, hopefully, encourage discussion and further interest for this topic.

The conversation will be held in English.



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